The Recruitment Rockstar

I live my life for the stars that shine,
People say it’s just a waste of time.
Then they said I should feed my head,
Well that to me is just a day in bed.
I’ll take my car and drive real far,
you’re not concerned about the way we are
In my mind, my dreams are real,
now you’re concerned about the way I feel
Tonight… I’m a Rock and Roll Star!

–Oasis, Rock and Roll Star (1994)

I successfully passed the course that required me to write this blog and I decided to keep it. I am now a Recruitment Rockstar (Talent Sourcing Specialist in adult language) but still an Organizational Communication student deep in the core.

This subject made me enjoy blogging and writing with the intention of communicating with an audience, and like every other thing that is enjoyable, I must keep doing it. So I will, but now I’ll focus on a different subject matter. I’ll be writing about another thing that is close to my heart–music. For this reason, I have decided to create another blog that focuses on this topic alone.

These are the products of me feeding my head by staying for a day in bed while listening to records, daydreaming about my favorite (disbanded) rock group doing a private show in our garage, or thinking about how glorious the concert I attended last night was. This is, I’ll admit, my first tangible move towards my dream of becoming a writer for a music magazine someday. Because like what the best band that ever existed said, “In my mind my dreams are real…” And in this tiny space that is my blog, that dream has already come true.

I am a Rock and Roll Star.

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