A LinkedIn summary inspired me to write this.


As a Sourcing Specialist, I am being paid to find people that are fit to do what the organization requires. In doing this, I have become an unexpected visitor to a lot of professional profiles and an unwelcome critic to most of them. I knew a lot of things about people I only know by name and/or a 200-pixel display photo at most.

Of the thousands of profiles that passed through my judgmental recruiter eye, I can say that almost all of them are concerned with “matters of consequence*”–people who flood their resume with their achievements and technical terms that an average joe would not be able to define. These are the things that define your value in the corporate world, and these are actually the things that I look for everytime I put on my sourcing hat.

It was a breath of fresh air when I saw this summary on a profile of someone in a highly technical role. There are still some technical terms, but it made me smile:


Then it hit me. His passion is obvious in the first part of his summary, it’s like me when someone asked me to talk about my favorite bands. You can tell that he also likes what he is doing now, but if he could turn back time, he’d choose his first love over the field that gave him a living. My heart was a bit broken when I saw the last part of his summary: “PS. I still want to build aircraft. :-(“

I realized that I have a lot in common with this guy, except that he has been working for more than ten years and I have only been here for two and a half. I love what I am doing now, but given the chance I’d pursue writing. I can’t enumerate how many times that “luck, coincidence, divine guidance, or whatever you called it” happened to me that I ended up in recruitment instead.

Right now I pursue my passion by writing a blog, hoping that in time that I can make a living out of it. As hard as it is for the LinkedIn guy, I hope he becomes bold and persistent enough to build his aircraft soon. It can mean starting all over again, but at least, he will be able to talk about his passion without the need to stop himself. He will not have a sad emoticon at the end of his LinkedIn summary. He will be able to do what he wants to do all along, because isn’t it that we are put in this world to create life out of our dreams?

Follow your heart, kids.

*as what the beloved Little Prince would say.


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