Put your camera down.


It’s a sad reality that some people are too preoccupied with capturing moments rather than making them count.

When you shoot loads of photos or videos throughout a concert, you can’t sing along with the band/artist because your camera will capture your own voice (worse–the voice of the person beside you!) instead of theirs. You can’t clap or wave your hands because they’re busy holding up the camera. You can’t fully see the artist in flesh because your arm is blocking the way and you’re afraid your camera will be out of focus.

In the end, what you get at best is a second-hand memory, from your camera to you. And a lot of rubbish, shaky photos.

There are people who are assigned to take photos during gigs, so let them do their job. Most of them post the pictures on the band’s or organizer’s fanpage, so if you really want photos, you can just contact them and give them the credit they deserve. remember that you’re in the concert to share that great atmosphere with the artist you love, and you paid for it too! Don’t downgrade that euphoric feeling by looking at it through a camera lens. don’t be too busy with taking photos that it makes you miss out on a great experience. Like what music photographer Niña Sandejas said, the best memory storage is the one in our heads.

PS. those who take photos/videos using their tablets, I hope you read this because you guys are the worst.

PPS. I still give in to taking a few photos and videos of a gig, but I limit it to two or three songs, and I only record parts of it so I can still enjoy the song. 🙂


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  1. i definitely agree with this!

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