I don’t think a first job anniversary should be celebrated, but…

If I am to follow the plans I have laid out for myself when I got here, this is the part where I’ll be leaving.

But I won’t. I have realized that a year is just too short to accomplish a lot of things you have set up. A year just flies. Like that. I now understand that a year is just too short to nurture you and prove yourself.

In that one year I was part of a team, lost it, built another one, yadda yadda… Seriously, that one year is actually the longest and the shortest of the 21 I have spent on the face of the earth. Times were the longest during those moments that I cried inside bathroom stalls. Enough of them already.

These times are for celebrating.

Celebrating the fact that although I still haven’t proven myself in the past year, I still am happy that I am here. Thank God for landing me exactly in the place where I am supposed to be, where I will grow intellectually, emotionally, even socially. I never realized I could be this happy and contented in the company of friends and people. It kinda gets awkward saying this to my mates all the time, but I really love them to bits.

I guess one will always have a certain emotional attachment to all the firsts–in this case, my first workplace, first office mates, and first line manager.

While I write this I am in my usual spot–and there are some things that you’ll never really outgrow I guess–I still have a messy desk (complete with Noel Gallagher’s photos) and a bunch of CDs on the pedestal, just like what I had in college. My desk. My home for nine hours the least. And I am happy… and proud to know myself enough to tell you that this is not some form of cognitive dissonance.

And having a Rookie of the Month Award, a Contributor of the Quarter Award, and several projects on my belt–for the first year and on the first job, I think it’s just fair to say that I’m on the right track.

Here’s to many more, Alexander Mann.



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