The Kings of my Heart ♥

Everyone knows how huge a Westlife fan I am. I hold the title of being the biggest Westlifer back in grade school, saving up every cent I can to buy another cassette tape (cassette!) of then 5-piece Irish lads that stole my heart since Fool Again. I consider Mark Michael Patrick Verdon Feehily as my first love, being the first man I wrote love notes for when I was in grade 4.

I missed two Westlife in Manila concerts already because of typical reasons: (1) I was too young to attend a concert alone; and (2) the money I’ll spend for the ticket is enough to feed me for a week. I was young and unable to produce money to buy concert tickets, so boo-hoo.

SOOOOOOO… When I finally got a job and enough money on my own to purchase tickets, I splurged. Like splurge, big time. I rewarded myself with concerts. And I have said in my personal blog before, I am willing to do anything for Westlife. I am so not gonna miss the next time they’d be here. I mean, if I have to sell a kidney or put my iPod on a pawnshop or go without eating for a week, I will.

Why? Because these boys are an integral part of my life. Their music was there when my mom went abroad, when my grandma died, when I get reprimanded at school, when I first had a real, tangible, crush (aside from Mark Feehily), even during my first real heartbreak. They’re my childhood heroes, and they still are–even after ten years.

I’ve spent half of my life with these boys, memorizing their bio (full names, birthdays, height, siblings… ask me!), tracking their love lives (and I’m happy how they ended up with their long-time girlfriends! Well, except for Mark, who is now happy with his boyfriend), watching out for new album releases, and, of course, growing up with their music.

Upon learning that Westlife’s gonna visit Manila again, I was stoked. Good thing I just got a job when it was announced, so I didn’t actually have to sell a kidney or my iPod to get a ticket. I saved up for it like hell. Even my manager knows about it and made sure he’ll credit my OT pay in time for my ticket reservation. I didn’t settle for a Gen Ad ticket or Upper Box or anything less that would require me binoculars to see my boys. I got a Lower Box Ticket. A LOWER BOX TICKET that cost me the amount of a month’s allowance back in college. This is just a fantasy five to ten years ago.

Hell yeah, Westlife.

We were able to see Westlife THIS. FREAKIN. CLOSE.

And I don’t care about how much I paid for the ticket. The first song in the setlist, When You’re Lookin’ Like That is already worth the price. Heck, just seeing my boys is already worth it. Now I understand why some people cry as they watch their favorite singers on concerts (like Hannah Montana and MJ fans do), because I did. I sure as hell did. Those were tears of joy, for finally seeing in person the lads that inspired me for the longest time and I sure as hell showed how much I love them with every scream, with every part of the lyrics that I sing along to, and sometimes, even with just sitting and realizing how good they still are and admiring at how they managed to stay when everyone else broke up. And not to mention they still look like how they did thirteen freakin’ years ago!

Sometimes during the concert I’ll just sit down and watch them perform, and cry. CRY. Heck, I stare at them and think: these are the boys that I’ve been wanting to see since the year 2000 and now they are performing in front of me. It was so surreal. My 10-year old self would have been so elated upon knowing that 10 years later, she’ll finally get to attend a Westlife concert.

And just like how the lyrics for Moments go, “If I die tonight, I’d go with no regrets”. With this? HECK! I’ve been caught in THE Nicky Byrne’s camera!:

I was there, 00:10-00:13, lower side. I’m wearing pink. Haha.

Man, I’m just so happy. I’m just so happy that I finally saw these boys in flesh and became a part of the crowd that overwhelmed them with the love they received because they deserve it. No one else can ever play my life’s soundtrack like Westlife does.

Mark, Nicky, Shane, Kian, and Brian— you’ll always be the boys I love. You know what, I even consider naming my future son after you guys. That’s how special you have become to me. Thank you for simply being there when no one else was. Thank you for staying strong when everyone else were breaking up. Thank you for your love for us that sustained your relationship with each other and the love for the music that you make. Thank you, lads.

And it’s like flying without wings, ’cause you’re my special thing…

Until next time, lads. I love you to bits. My kids will listen to your songs in the future. ♥

Where the skies are blue, I’ll see you once again…


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