Take Me Back to the Days When my Dreams are Worth Chasing

I had a dream that I was on my way to board a train then someone asked me where I am going. I answered, “Back to the days when all my dreams are worth chasing.”

And then I woke up, still having that line from my alter-universe self stuck in my head. After a what-the-heck moment (thinking how in the world will the LRT possibly do time travel), I wondered what it means. Was it a God-given movie tagline? A random set of words arranged by my subconscious to form a phrase? Or an implication of something I have been longing for but do not really admit?

Earlier I read a tweet from my friend Rhea saying that she needs inspiration for her to continue writing. I replied, telling her that I’ll be reading until the last chapter of her ongoing novel and will be one of the firsts to get a copy once it is published. I did not say this only to make her feel good–I am serious (check out her page and see for yourself how good she is at playing with words!) She replied, and I quote:

Awww.. Now you made me cry. For real. I’ll dedicate the book to you. I promise. =’) If it never gets published, I’ll give you an electronic copy with a letter. =’) Hehe. You’ll see a page that’s solely for you soon. Thanks for all the encouragements. I feel so blessed with you around. =)

Those last two sentences warmed my heart. I just encouraged someone. And someone feels blessed with me around. God, thank you for using me a lot to encourage people lately. I realized it feels good to be encouraged, but even better when you’re the one who pursued someone into taking one more step towards what he or she wants.

Take me back to the days when all my dreams are worth chasing… 

Like Rhea, I wanted to be a writer. I just don’t know how to start. It’s just that things do not always go as planned, or so I think, that eventually led me into a recruitment job instead. After that dream, I contemplated: When do dreams become unworthy of chasing?

They don’t. That’s what I have realized today from my friend Rhea and my alter-universe self. We stop pursuing dreams when we lose confidence in ourselves, but they will always be worthy of the effort to get there. And if I want to be in those days when all my dreams are worth chasing, I don’t have anywhere to go but right where I am right now.

The dreams I have are for me. I just stopped chasing them because I thought they are not worthy. They are.

And I am worthy of these dreams too.


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    1. KC says:

      I love you too, Rhea! If ever you feel like you can’t do it anymore, just post a tweet like the one you posted yesterday and you’ll see how many people believe in what you can do. And I am always one of them. 🙂

  1. ellissy says:

    I’ve been pondering upon my dreams lately, too. I guess we’re in that phase of getting to know what we really want with our lives. Hayyy. Some days are better than the others, but it’s always better when we have each other you guys! Heehee. Let’s keep on hoping kace! ♥ And may i just say, unkaboggable yung dream mo! Win na win!

    1. KC says:

      Maybe we have the tendency to overthink things. No, scrap the maybe–we tend overthink things. I guess at this point, we are afraid to make mistakes–mistakes that will probably take on a long-term effect on the independent life we are all trying to build. We get anxious about our ideal career path, whether to study or not, how to save up, maybe even when to get married or will we find someone to marry at all.

      It’s hard not to worry, but let’s try to enjoy life and live it as it unfolds. Whatever happens, there’s one thing that’s already certain: We’ll always have each other. Awww ♥

      Umuwi ka na Ellis Catherine! Ililibre kita ng Summer Snow dali! 🙂

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