You have potential, but nevermind.

I have had a crush on this guy since he became my classmate in a General Education subject. He’s the typical tall-mestizo-handsome guy with glasses that usually catches my attention. Being the curious creature that I am, and applying what I have learned from watching spy shows like Chuck, I decided to do some research. I found his Facebook account, learned that he graduated from an exclusive high school (which made me doubt; people from exclusive high schools that I know are either gays or cheaters), and was a transferee from another “Big Four” university. Then I got more interested.

I typed the crush’s name on Google and I came up with 2 results: (1) a class list that includes his full name (works to my advantage if I want to find out our compatibility through F.L.A.M.E.S. haha) and… wait for it–

(2) a hate-filled blog post by a girl after he broke her heart. Also includes his full name, middle name even.

I was shocked, but instead of thinking more about how he could have broken her heart, the first thing that came to my mind was OC152. The internet can do as much as to destroy your reputation.

With just one click, the cute GE classmate lost his appeal to me. 😉


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