A TV Show about a Nerdy Spy Made Me Cry

It’s when the hottest villain named Daniel Shaw (the very Superman-ish Brandon Routh) killed our hero’s father. Revenge (or so I think it is) was done on the season’s last episode, and a tease about our nerdy spy’s missing mother was shown before the credits rolled.

Still as handsome, even when he killed the hero's dad.

Yes, I am talking about Chuck, the best TV show since The Simpsons. Yesterday was its new season’s premiere, and I gave up my part-time job for it. But since no TV network here in the country shows fresh episodes of this series, I had to look for a decent website that posts them. It took me almost an hour before I ended up with the actual pilot episode (a lot of websites ask me to register to this and do that), since the site wherein my friends Mavic and Eya watch Gossip Girl did not work.

The best TV show evaaaar 🙂

I wouldn’t go on a synopsis here, but I realized how useful New Social Media is for fans of American TV Shows like me. I have posted an entry about Chuck before, and how fans used NSM to put up a petition for another season. But wait, there’s more.

A Page for Fans

Chuck’s official Facebook fanpage is what keeps me updated. They post links to videos behind the scenes, promos, and contests.  For a fan, it feels good to be updated with your favourite show and actually join contests. They also posted a link to Season 4’s first episode (it’s on NBC.com, though I wonder why it didn’t work for me). What’s also good is that this fanpage sounds human, if you know what I mean (read the previous blog post if you don’t ;)).

Of course, another good thing is that various websites offer us a replay of episodes in case we missed it, or when we just want to watch them again.

And it’s not only for US TV Shows that these are available.

Rubi, Grazilda, et cetera

Last night, I saw Mina Loyola post a status message on Facebook that says: “New guilty pleasure: watching back eps of… Grazilda! Hahahaha coz villains deserve happy endings too. Maybe.”

Mina's Watching Godzilla Grazilda!

This is just proof that the Philippines isn’t as backward as you think when it comes to TV shows (although we are still crazy about recycling stories and remaking Korean, Taiwanese, Japanese, Spanish, American, you name it TV shows. But, oh well, that is another issue). Even news reports and documentaries post their episodes online to create more awareness.

This is good, because now these TV channels cater to a larger audience. People who spend more time on the Internet than on TV can still be in the know of what’s happening. And like Mina, and us, we can still watch their TV shows even if we did not catch them on the tube.

Despicable me, Inception, et cetera

Missed these movies on the big screen, because you do not have time? Or because you do not have the budget to enter a popcorn-scented movie house and sit on its comfortable flipping seats? Or simply because you do not have anyone to watch it with? (Aw, sucks.) Well, the internet can offer a lot. With other gracious people sharing copies of these movies, it is possible to watch these movies even when you are out of budget for actual cinemas.

What’s good about watching these movies on the internet is that you can play and pause, so it’s possible for you to watch this when you are on a break from writing your thesis or a blog post like this (that is, if you can stand the suspense). However, copies available on the internet, especially with new movies like this, is not as clear as when you watch it on the big screen. So I suggest that if there is a movie that you really like and you have money and time to spend, go for the big screen… Even if you do not have anyone to watch it with. You’ll tend to forget about him (or her) anyway, especially if it’s a good movie (Haha. I can be very bitter, yes).

The internet can be used by organizations in the same way. They can offer alternatives to the people who are not easily reached by their traditional means. The internet can do as much as to make the world smaller and life easier, right?

How about you, which do you prefer? Watching movies in the movie house or via the internet? How about with TV shows? Post a comment below and let me know. 🙂


4 Comments Add yours

  1. blahblahblogsheet says:

    First, let me tell you something kc, you did something to me, something really really bad. I cannot forgive you for it. Because of you, my laptop’s memory is getting low because of 3 seasons of Chuck. 😀

    I watch movies both online and on screen. But i am thankful that when I miss a movie, I trust that the internet can provide me with links where I can watch it. I am not really a fan of Filipino Tv shows (sorry) but I watch a lot of Foreign Tv shows online like Grey’s Anatomy, Royal Pains, Big Bang Theory, and NCIS (thanks to tvduck). Honestly, when I’m home, our TV is just for the ps3 and wii.

    I must say that fan pages are really of great help. For me, it’s a wiki made for fans like us. it gives us latest scoops, photos, videos, etc. of the things we love. It also gives us the ability to control our time and do whatever we want.

  2. KC says:

    Congratulations, Gem. You are now a Chuck-o-holic! 🙂 I swear it will give you loads of laughter. The internet also influenced me to watch japanese anime before (hello, death note, detective conan, and lovely complex. In the words of Devon Woodcomb (Captain Awesome): “It’s Awesome, dude.”

  3. Jet Tumang says:

    I think we are still far from becoming an online nation. Although an already rising number of Filipinos watching online exists, I think we wouldn’t be a full-fledged online nation as long as the majority of the Filipinos watching online uses pirated online copies of their favorite shows. This goes for other people from other countries as well.
    I would like to envision a complete legal online distribution of your favorite TV shows, with online transactions, and online subscriptions, especially without the piracy.

  4. I’m sorry you didn’t find the episode you were looking for in the site that I gave you. If it’s any consolation, the most recent episode of gossip girl wasn’t there when I checked it either. I have another site, I’ll tell you about it when I see you. Haha! :p

    I agree with you completely when you say that New social media has been an asset to us fans. Not only does it improve your stalking ability (kidding!), but it also allows us to get timely updates. It can also be a way for us to show the world our interests, and find others who also share them.

    As for Filipino shows, I do wonder if Mina was able to watch these episodes on the actual network website or just from YouTube or other streaming sites. It would probably be better if it was in the network website. This is actually what they do in the United States. Not only is the viewing very clear, it is also legal as you already have the network’s permission to watch it online. Who knows, this might be a way to defeat piracy! 😀

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