Microblogging Gives Me Hope


“Sabi nga ni Sir Villar, You can’t share to others what you don’t have.”

“I make others happy, even when I am not. Or at least, I try.”

“I know the how it feels; I do that all the time. For me, what I am sharing is not exactly happiness, but the constant courage to fight off that empty feeling.”

From a Facebook conversation with Mr. Earl Gamboa

Oh yes, sometimes feelings can get so intense and you just don’t know how to deal with it. Sometimes it feels so good to keep it all to yourself and then pour it out on video games like Time Crisis and Tekken (Are you talking from experience, KC?)

But friends, we do not have to be alone. We have friends (hey, I just called you mine), our family, and when you still don’t find it comfortable to share with these sets of people, you can turn all the negative vibes into positive energy through academics (I can hear you groan, people).

Posting Emotions

If turning these vibes into positive energy still doesn’t work, New Social Media can help. Recently I came across a website that lets you tell it all. Six billion Secrets lets a person tell the world about how he or she is feeling—including hopes, fears and dreams—without having to feel prejudice. Some secrets move other people so much that they post another secret to motivate that person who initially posted. Six billion Secrets also becomes an interactive community wherein people can share on Facebook or Retweet a secret they really liked (for whatever reason why).

From the makers of Six billion Secrets also comes Gives Me Hope. These are stories that, obviously, shared to give the readers hope in whatever situation they are in. This side describes itself as FML (F*ck My Life) for optimists. Variants of this website also came up to cater to people with different emotional support, like Love Gives Me Hope and Kids Give Me Hope.

It’s amazing how microblogging can ease people’s emotions and make sharing easier. I believe that pouring out your emotions does not necessarily come in long blog posts. Sometimes, 140 characters are enough to express how you feel.

Shift Perspectives!

This can also be true and beneficial for organizations. People follow twitter or blog accounts of corporations, primarily I believe, for customer support. For me, I do it to be in a community of consumers with the same products as mine. If I love the product so much, I can also be interested in what other products the company might release.

What is annoying is that some of these companies’ twitter or blog posts seem fake, like they’re just in it for the money. They bombard their ‘followers’ with information about new products, upgrades, et cetera, without really listening on what the consumers say about the products they already bought. It’s like an ad placed on the web through 140-character posts. There’s no interaction at all.

Microblogging is an important new social media tool, and it presents corporations a lot of potential, only if they will use it efficiently and use it for its real purpose: to interact with the consumers. If they’d be able to do that, then the consumers would probably be so happy that they’d like, retweet, and share. 🙂


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  1. starrylines says:

    Yes, KC. 🙂 It just feels so comfortable to know that we will never run out of people to listen to our emotional outbursts. Thanks to the Internet, we can always find sites that would accommodate us and unload us while still feeling secured and anonymous, just caring about the comfort gained from releasing all those. That’s one of the differences of personal micro-blogging from organizational one. People can just visit any site, release all their tension and care in 140 characters or less and leave without caring about bottomline, etc. When it comes to organizational micro-blogging, there is that constant goal. And the company always has their brand either to back them up, for consumer interest, or bring them down, due to bad reputation. They always have their brand to start with, whether it has a good vibes or not. And now, whether their name is good-smelling at first or not, they could always use NSM to their advantage by creating conversations, just like what you said, and not just doing the talking all the time. 😀

  2. Although this is a bit different, I would like to share a site Omegle. Sometimes I go there whenever I’m bored, stressed or frustrated. Yes there are a lot of maniacs (and I always curse them, trying to get them pissed off hehe), I’m warning you, but there are a lot of people you can really talk to also. I have chatted with a lot of intelligent people and emotional people. We can share things–anything– without worrying about your safety because when you decide to disconnect, your chat mate is forever gone. I mean you are really talking to a stranger.

  3. “Sometimes, 140 characters are enough to express how you feel.”

    True. Sometimes long sentences are too much to let your emotions out especially for those who doesn’t really talk much.

    I totally agree with having companies that use NSM be conversational. It’s frustrating to see them post all about their products and services leaving the human side of NSM behind. They are talking to REAL people which means they have to be HUMAN to interact with them. And humans have emotions which is nowhere to be found in the 140 characters that they post. They should be real for them to be treated real in return. 🙂

  4. niccy says:

    I don’t have a Twitter account so I use my Facebook status box to function like one!

    I remember when I was in a state of depression and near insanity (which was just few weeks ago) my Facebook account became my outlet. I posted this…

    “gusto ko nalang umiyak at mawala na sa mundo… hinang-hina nako…”
    (i know, it’s depressing)

    But you see, posting this turned out to be a good thing after all. I got 20 replies.

    Zid: i feel the same way.
    nako nic, don’t speak that way. kakayanin natin to.
    Gel: Ate Nix! Hug.
    I know how it feels too, Ate Nix. HUG. There are reasons out there, we just deem
    them as unworthy for we are blinded by pain. HUG. We’re here for you. ♥
    Kits: HUG ATE NIC!
    Allen: a big big hug for you niccy..HUG
    Grace: Huuuug. Everything shall fall into place soon enough.
    (and so on…)

    I felt better after my friends started commenting on my post. They made me feel I was not alone and that some of them were going through the same shit. We became closer friends after..

    That’s the beauty of microblogging. It brings people closer together so if companies fail to see that… it’s their loss!

  5. Jet Tumang says:

    The only problem I have with tweets are the online noise it produces. Maybe it’s just me, but I wish there was a way to filter tweets so that you would receive only those that you’d be interested at. But then again, maybe twitter wasn’t made for you connect to the whole online community, but to only specific online community/network that you would be a member of and relaxed with.

  6. Jet Tumang says:

    I saw a grammatical error in my comment. If only I could edit it. Oh, what the heck. Another lesson to be learned though that could be applied to micro-blogging. Since word spreads fast, one still has to be careful with one’s posts or he or she would one day surely regret an irresponsible tweet.

  7. I believe many people are addicted to SNS because of the fact that they feel that they’re not alone. In the vernacular, “may nakakaramay sila.” Plus, reading about the problems of others can make us see how blessed we are.

  8. To use new social media to provide positive emotions is a nice thought, not to mention a nice action. If only everyone in the digital world has those objectives in mind. Instead though, others just news new social media as a channel for their insecurities and complaints, resulting not in positive emotions, but negative ones.

    Have you ever encountered a person who did nothing but tweet about how fat other people are? Or how about people who constantly hint about their superiority? These are the people I’m talking about. Hahaha! :p

  9. Hi, when I first had my Twitter account, I had 0 followers and 0 following. I had my own little world there. Haha. But it became a venue for me to post random things that I feel at a certain time. For me, Twitter is better than Facebook if you just want to have an outlet to release a very intense feeling whether it’s a good or a bad one. Now, I like getting replies and comments from friends because social media also provides us a venue to bond. But we should also always keep in mind that we shouldn’t post something that we will regret later or something that may hurt other people because after all, social media is supposed to make us gain friends and not enemies.

  10. chocostraws says:

    Your perspective about microblogging proves to the fact that humans are humans and the only way to relate with them is to become human.

    I think what the organizations miss is the idea that microblogging is a great avenue for tracking consumer feedback. Because it’s just 140 characters, tweets are actually a short and more direct expressions of what consumers feel.

    Moreover, organizations should be more wary about microblog. Because tweets are very short hence easier to read, it can reach and influence more people.

  11. Talk about microblogging, Twitter immediately entered my mind. Yes, as we’ve learned, Twitter has the microblogging function. Twitter had invaded the whole world. I find Twitter very useful when people want to share news quickly. It’s almost real-time. People just don’t explore the potential of Twitter to do so.

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