Chill. Bang! WAAH!


It is a tired and sleepy night of rehearsals with my dearest friends from the church, and we still have a long way to go. One almost falls asleep but was startled with a loud shout of “CHIIIIIIIILL!!!”. Everyone laughs, and there goes a fun and interactive game of Chill-Chill-Bang-Waah.

There goes my church friends on a game of Chill-Chill-Bang-Waah 🙂

I don’t know where my church mates got this game, but it surely is a crowd favourite. In this game, the players are seated (or standing, whichever you prefer,) on a circle. A person (P1) will start by shouting “Chill!” while pointing to another person (P2). P2 will then shout another “Chill!” while pointing to another person (P3). P3 will then shout “Bang!” to another person (P4), and the persons seated on both sides of P4 will shout “Waah!” while waving their hands in the air (P4 remains calm during the situation. Haha). P4 will then be the P1 and start the process all over again.

It's addicting once you got it started! 😀

Sounds fun, isn’t it? Yes. You should have seen my church mates reactions when they shout “Waah!”. On Saturday we had our podcasting workshop, and we played this game as our icebreaker (as if we met our classmates for the first time! 😉 ). We then asked for the relevance of this game to podcasting. They had different answers. Seriously, we never thought that a game of Chill-Chill-Bang-Waah would be relevant, but thinking about it, I found out that this game can be related to organizations as well.

A game of Chil-Chil-Bang-Wa requires participants. More participants mean more excitement. But more participants also mean more confusion. We should always ensure that in every organization, whether it is a huge organization or a small one, we should always ask for the participation of every member concerned, but always know that many members would require more effort.

A game of Chil-Chil-Bang-Wa should be spontaneous. Stalling, or falling tulala would spoil the game. In organizations, you should always be alert because situations are unpredictable. Decision making requires one to think on his toes, and one decision can contribute to the rise or fall of the organization. Like in the game, we shouldn’t ask “huh? Me?” because it would destroy the flow of the game. You should always be sure of what is happening, because…

In a game of Chil-Chil-Bang-Wa, you should only react when you are needed to. Acting when you are not needed to react, or not acting when you are needed to act, will forfeit you a chance to play again. Ang magkamali, taya. Just like in organizations facing different levels of situations, acting prematurely, acting late, or not acting at all will result in consequences.

What other games can you think of that have implications on new social media and/or organizations? Post your thoughts below. CHILL!


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  1. Nice analogies partner! 😀

    This made me laugh: “Seriously, we never thought that a game of Chill-Chill-Bang-Waah would be relevant, but thinking about it, I found out that this game can be related to organizations as well.”

    This goes to show that no matter how big an organization is, it still goes back to the fact that many organizations behave like humans. Knowing how to deal with stakeholders is always important to an organization’s success.

    I think running, being in, and competing against organizations are a game in itself. You win, you lose, sometimes you cheat but in the end it’s always about achieving your goal and winning the game.

  2. commania says:

    I love it KC! It’s just so you– so spontaneous, so energetic! 🙂 It seems that I can better relate how organizations must behave with your own qualities than the chill-chil-bang-waah game. 😀 Hehehe.

    It’s just amazing to think how creative OrCom people are becoming in terms of comparing organizations with so many things. In the context you have shared, one realization came into my mind: It’s all but a game. It’s with the way you play that would decide if the organization would win or not. It’s with the way of how you respond to urgent situations that will dictate what would be the future of the organization.

    In a game, there is always a winner and a loser. There can be two winners at a time, but there would always be a need to break the tie. How I wish all of us would be able to help our future companies be winners in whatsoever game they might be in.

  3. starrylines says:

    Hello, groupmate KC! HAHA. You spread the secret we have that while preparing for the workshop, we really never thought at first that Chil-chil-bang-waah would be relevant. Yes, we had small ideas but we just trusted our classmates’ creativity to connect the game to podcasting which they were able to do, good for us! :))

    With the training that we have in OrCom, we are really being equipped to connect seemingly irrelevant matters if we would just give time to think about it. Synergy is very important in the workplace where seeing the big picture is needed. I believe this skill would really take us a long way in the corporate world in the very near future. 🙂 And that’s one of the skills that would contribute for us to win the game. Yey! Way to go! 😀

  4. Marj Casal says:

    KC! Did you know I got injured while playing this game? Yes, I did! I bumped my head in my arm chair when I realized that I pointed “bang” to Karen, who was seating right next to me so I had to say Waaa! afterwards. How smart that was, right? Boo.

    Anyway, that game was so fun! Better, if I wasn’t out of the game the first time I participated. 😐 And you made a perfect analogy, as Lara said. In this game of life (chos!), we always have to be alert. Especially when we enter the corporate world. We don’t know who will point the “bang” at us.

  5. I am glad our class also had a chance to play this game. 🙂 This game also require us to be alert . I think it’s the same as organizations too. There are so many companies out there and the more competition there is, the more you have to watch for their activites as well to know what your next move should be. Just like in the game, the more people playing it, it gets harder to catch up on who is going to say chill or bang.

  6. chocostraws says:

    I think your perspective about the relation of this game to organizations is amazing. 🙂 we truly have mastered critical thinking, especially with blogging. we are now able to see things in different angles.

    With your great explanation, of course organizations are definitely like playing this Chill Bang Waah game. Just to add, organizations have to have the proper mindset when they are dealing with their public. Being spontaneous is good, but of course, being cautious while being spontaneuos is always better. Because not like in the game, organizations will have a hard time to get back in once they committ a mistake.

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