We should always be reminded of our history and culture. We all need to speak ourselves out. And it is man’s basic need to be fashionable. 😉

Good thing, there’s to roll these things into one. To speak the truth, I have never been prouder of the province I hailed from—Bulacan—than when started to make shirts that showcase our rich cultural heritage. So when we were asked to do a Social Media Release for a new company, I quickly thought of this awesome boutique here in Malolos.

There's so much in that little space on second floor 🙂
I guess these girls are having a hard time to choose! believes that the best way to go is to give back. 🙂

Social Media What?

Social Media Releases are press releases done online, but the difference is, these are more interactive. Like newspapers from the Harry Potter series, you can navigate around and explore more about the product. They also enable you to share what you have read to other people with same interests.

The internet and New Social Media makes common people (like us) able to do press releases online. You don’t really have to be a PR expert to make one.

Here’s my take on doing a social media release for 🙂

Fashion+Culture+Heritage = (click to enlarge)

Relevant Links: on Facebook | on Multiply | Website | on Manila Times | on Taas Noo, Bulakenyo!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. juolpindo says:

    New social media really changed the way we communicate. I believe that the combination of the new social media and public relations is a good and a very effective way to communicate the organization’s messages.

  2. Marj Casal says:

    This is so cool KC! It’s like a baby Team Manila! I’ve always been attracted to pinoy designs (those that don’t overdo it for that matter). So when I saw your bag from which I even asked you if that was from Team Manila, it got me interested right away. It’s also because of businesses like this that makes me want to really get serious with my own and maybe someday, a student of Sir Barry will also make a social media release for my Witty Minds (other than myself. Haha!)

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