Meet Chun-Li

Looks can be very deceiving.

Packaging herself with a lovely face and oh-so-sexy body, Chun-Li is a kick-ass lady. She can do things you cannot imagine. She plays sweet music and can also make you suffer—badly. She has a sharp memory, and she can entertain you anytime. She will help you get through the toughest times and will keep you awake all night long. Chun-Li is everything that a techie would hope for.

Sorry, I'm not talking about this Chun-Li.

Yes, Chun-Li is my four-day old Samsung N150 Plus Netbook. She got that name because she is pink and she is an Asian product. 😛 And even though we have been together for less than a week, I treat her as my best friend.

Ready for action? 😉

With other Chun-Lis coming in different colors, you know Samsung’s target market on this one: they could be a college student’s first laptop, or a fresh graduate’s first wages. They target the young people, the fashionistas, and students who want to get through their undergraduate thesis with a cutesy companion (ehem). Chun-Li’s very easy to carry as compared to Bear (my trusty old Powerbook G4 that weighs more than 2 kilos).

I can’t talk more about Chun-Li’s tech specs (you can google it though), but here’s what I can tell you: Chun-Li is made to adapt to the ever so changing needs of this generation. Basically, everything in Chun-Li is faster and better than Bear (R.I.P.). A built-in web camera and microphone helps a lot in online conferences too.

So far, Chun-Li helped me connect with my friends via Facebook and Yahoo! Messenger even when I am away at home. I won’t rant anymore about how bad of an idea it is to do an assignment in an internet café. She WILL help me finish my undergraduate thesis (I know she will. If not, she would have not fulfilled her purpose). And I know Chun-Li and I, we’ll be kicking more academic a**es as the school year goes. 😉


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  1. Multitasking has got to be related here. Haha. Our generation is good at doing many things at the same time and we need a gadget that can keep up with us and our needs. Hence, the laptop! The laptop, netbook, notebook etc. give us an easier way of doing our academic works. It is very much handy so you can use it almost anywhere! It is a great invention and a good investment for students like us. Too bad I don’t have my Chun-Li yet. Of course I’ll give her a different name! Hmm how about Sakura? 😛

  2. Marj Casal says:

    Chun-Li is indeed cute KC! She looks just like my Vaio, so pink and gay, too! Hahahaha. We are both so gay KC! We really are! Haha. This looks more like a personal (joke) comment rather than something for a comm blog. Nah! It doesn’t matter. :)) I’m really praying for a 13″ macbook pro or a baby pink vaio so I would feel like I’m carrying an overweight bag.

    I do love you Chun-Li KC, except for the distorted screen. Let’s do something about that please! Let me kalikot your Chun-Li and adjust the resolution (if you haven’t tried that.) 🙂

  3. melem1 says:

    (Too bad we’re not talking about THE Chun-Li)

    Hehe people really come up with ways to attract your attention. This posts use of a video game character name that comes from a very famous video game that has just released a new addition to the series is brilliant. Clicked it the first time i saw it. And more often than not, catching your audience’s attention is the most important part of marketing and advertising. Careful of copyrights though 🙂 (Chun-Li’s supposed to be blue.. :D)

    1. KC says:

      Exactly the purpose of the title, Lem :)) It’s nice to know that I lured someone into reading this post just because of the title. However, luring people is an advertiser’s job. Our job as communicologists is entirely different. luring people can only get you far but at the end of the day, people would still settle for something they can actually trust. 🙂

  4. And I thought it was the real Chun-Li. 🙂 Hehe. But your laptop Chun-Li is indeed cute. I hope she’ll meet my betamax laptop “Loffy Tuffy”. Hehe. Sounds so gay. Kidding aside, I think that having a portable PC aka a laptop you can carry with you everywhere is very important to students nowadays (especially if you’re doing thesis). I remembered I had this laptop as a birthday present because I was insisting that I really needed it. Which is true. 🙂 Besides that, a stable internet connection is next to get things done. I mean with tons of research you have to do in a day and blogs you have to comment on, having a good internet access lessens all the inconvenience.

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