For the love of Chuck

If I am the consumer that wants to break up with the organization, I’d say: “I need space.” And then the organization cries… as I type away a blog post about my favorite TV show.

(Pardon me for not saying this earlier in class, but…)

The discussion earlier about the consumers’ media habits and organizations treating them as ‘audience’ made me think about what the heck I am doing intentionally or unintentionally to contribute to the rise or fall of a product or organization. And then all of a sudden my favorite TV show, Chuck, entered my mind. So now I will make a blog post about Chuck and the people’s changing media habits (challenging? Nah!)

So here’s the thing, people changed their approaches in conversations, how they make choices, curation, creating content, and collaboration. People are not that predictable anymore. Want proof?

Several Facebook profiles and fan pages, add to that some Wikipedia entries, and then I started watching Chuck. I remember that I used to switch channels when I see Chuck shown on Solar TV (and now I realized how big of a crime it is). New Social Media stirred my curiosity about a nerd with a supercomputer in his brain. I bought season one’s DVD (with persuasion from a friend that says: “Ang galing ni Chuck, meron syang memographic photory!) and downloaded the whole seasons 2 and 3. Basically my Chuck fandom revolves around a computer and an internet connection. Is there anything more awesome than this? 😉

Behold, the poster for Season 4!

OF COURSE THERE IS! 😀 Type ‘Chuck’ (and add some keywords like NBC, Bartowski, etc.) on Google and you’ll find tons of enjoyable stuff—videos, TV links, soundtrack, forums, even spoilers for the next season—most, if not all, are fan-made. Websites of Buy More and the Nerd Herd (this is where our hero works) also make the show more realistic. But one thing that makes fans scream for more is what we call Fanfiction. These are fan-made stories about the characters, what could have happened, and even back stories. Fans tweak on the characters personalities, create new love angles, and other interesting stuff. These websites are sanctuaries for the community of Chuck fans.

Indeed, the people are changing. We are not just passive audiences, we are an active community and we want ourselves heard. And we are powerful. So powerful that the community of Chuck fans was able to save their favorite TV show when it was on the verge of being cancelled. We are so powerful that we can create alternative stories for the show and share it to interested fans. We are so powerful that I know, these contents will continue to grow in number (and if NBC tries to ban all these stuff, they will be left with no supporters).

Fan Power FTW! 🙂

Because of New Social Media, I got to know the most awesome TV show (aside from The Simpsons, of course). Because of it my interest and curiosity is sustained. Once I am done with toxic week, I will finish watching my backlog (not done with season 3 yet, thanks to academic stuff), and then I’ll be ready for the fourth season. 😉


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  1. Justine says:

    Chuck is one of my most favorite tv shows today. I was disappointed before because it faced a lot of threats of cancellation even though it’s a quality show. I got to say that they maintained the quality of the show from season one even though there are a few bad episodes of course. A criticism that I could point that might seem like nit-picking is that the show has strayed too far from Chuck being an ordinary person working a dead-end job suddenly getting awesome abilities. He is now a full-on spy and the setting of the show is a little bit too convoluted now that the Buy More is a CIA facility. Nonetheless, Chuck is an awesome show. NBC, please don’t try to cancel it again. Let it run its course.

  2. chocostraws says:

    I don’t watch Chuck but after reading your blog, I think I’ll search for it later.

    The organizations are actually getting the most benefits with NSM. Because of NSM, organizations can actually know what their target wants without the need to hire market researchers. What’s more, they can actually ask their brand advocates about opinion on whatever changes they should do, in case of Chuck, if Chuck will not be terminated and if ever the new season is still fit to the tastes of its consumers.

  3. Patsy says:

    “We are not just passive audiences, we are an active community and we want ourselves heard. And we are powerful.” I wrote about a similar thing in my blog (about Kuroshitsuji season 2). I have to agree that the power NSM gives to us as audience is enormous. I can’t stress it enough, but it appears that we control the networks. But of course, they make money out of our media habits, so they have to cater to us. This also reminded me of Disney Channel shows where we can vote for our favorite episodes, songs, etc which they can showcase in a marathon. And it’s good that NSM allows for mutual benefit as the networks earn from us, and we get what we want from them (good entertainment).

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