Will this be a ‘Happy Ending’?

I grew up to a huge dose of fairytales when I was a kid– a world of dancing teacups, royal dances, glass slippers, and prince charming.

One thing these fairytales didn’t tell, however, is what happened during their living “happily ever after”. Our group in New Social Media just put the real end to the story of girls’ classic favorite: Cinderella.

The task is to make a minute-long video about anything that would be viral. We chose the topic of “Cinderella’s wedding night” because:

1. Cinderella will always be popular.

2. Family planning and Sex education is a hot topic.

It’s a good combo, isn’t it? We also chose to have a creative way of presenting it through doodling. 😉

We have a week to make this video viral enough to make it to the top of Sir Barry’s list (heehee). So far we have done posting it on facebook, Yahoo! Messenger status messages, Skype status messages, Private messages, and even word of mouth. As an English tutor to Japanese students, I also asked them to watch the video. 😉 I never thought getting people to hit the link would be that hard.

Yes, right now we experience its implications in the real world. When we become ambassadors of our company through New Social Media, things like these would be trivial. We have to cater to the tastes of people. We have to make sure that when ask them on TV ads to visit our website, they will. We have to make sure that they will like it so much, they will keep coming back.

But how?

One word: Packaging. As we promote endlessly for this viral video (yes! we claim it to be viral!) we have to think of witty ways to lure the people in clicking the link. We have used the tagline: “Because happily ever after should be safe”, “Please help us with our project” (I did this, I’m sorry.), “True Love’s Kiss”, “HIT IT!”, and others. People did, but sustaining them entails creative taglines. We also have to think of what to put on the post that includes the video, where to post it, and when.

As this week goes one, we hope to acquire more hits, comments, and likes. It’s hard, but it will definitely pay off. 🙂



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