Dear Blog, You are the only one that understands.

This is a blog I have created for me to put in small, random details of the one I am praying for. I hope someday, I will be reviewing this blog and wrap up with a post that says that he became an answered prayer.♥

I almost puked when I read this in a blog I kept just last year. For the people who know me very well, I am a person who easily gives in to emotions. This characteristic leads me into doing some weird things, like, yes, dedicating an entire weblog for a person who doesn’t even know who that I like him.

I give you permission to laugh all you want, people. 🙂

I know that this phenomenon of shouting feelings out loud in the cyberworld is something that other people also do. Being a part of the emotional blogging community, I can give you some reasons.

1. Sometimes, when feelings overtake you, you just want to scream it out loud. It’s a human need to let feelings out. Blogs satisfy that need and becomes your outlet, and it does not necessarily mean that you have to tell it to another person. It’s like shouting your secret to the entire blogosphere and not caring about who gets to read it. However, this has a downside: People may read the blog post and assume things, so be careful about the things you put in it. Try to avoid dropping names or other people’s identity. A blog post can do as much as to destroy one’s reputation.

2. Blogging can make someone a poet. Admit it, when you are overtaken by emotions, you become a very good speaker (or writer, for that matter). You become fluent in English. You use profound words for ‘hate’ (e.g.: abhor, loathe, etc.) and ‘love’ (adore, worship, etc.). Since humans have an innate desire to feel superior (or feel like a celebrity), one may enjoy the comments that a carefully written love poem may gather, like: “You’re amazing, can you make one for me that I can give to my boyfriend?” Or something like that.

3. Blogging can be used to let people know what you are up to. It serves as a ‘group message’ telling everyone that you cannot come to the get-together party because you are busy with academic work, or that you really enjoyed training for a dance number last night, which is the reason why you haven’t replied to their text messages. It’s convenient, and it records what’s what with your life, whether it be a milestone or not.

4. It’s something to laugh about in the future. I have made six blogs in my entire lifetime and they have become like an online diary. However, I only maintain and keep one for personal use (no, not the one ‘created for me to put in small, random details of the one I am praying for’), and this communication blog. Since my personal blog has been up since I was in freshman year, I have written a lot in it: from angst-ridden posts of not passing Math 11, to David Archuleta fandom, to the pressures of academic life, to that aspect of life called love (which, seriously, I never really had :D).

Sometimes I look back on how much I have grown up, how I managed to deal with a situation, and how much my grammar improved (yay!). Everytime I do so, a freakingly amazed smile spreads across my face.

An angst-ridden blog post from more than two years ago.
A reply from a month ago. It's amazing how things change. 😉

5. Deleting it is as easy as creating it. When you feel like you don’t want to keep record of sappy love notes written during the past relationship or your everyday happenings anymore, you can just hit ‘delete blog’, and everything will be gone (or at least you thought. hahaha).

Blogging can be an awesome experience. It provides an outlet for emotions and creative juices for everyone. I hope newbies in the blogging world (*ehem* some batchmates *ehem*) will have a good experience out of blogging as well.

As for you, Blog, I hope you won’t get tired of my rants/angst/cheesiness anytime soon. 😉


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  1. KACE! I can totally relate. Hah, I’ve had… 4 blogs, 5 Friendster accounts, 4 yahoo ids, and some other online accounts I can’t even remember this day. I had accounts deleted and remade, only because I was uncertain about the contents I published. I was hesitant if it was actually right to rant online- even if it is/was my account. 😐 I was afraid of what people will say (and still am actually) and more than that, I am afraid I might hurt other people’s feelings.

    I guess it’s okay as long as they’re not hurtful or offensive. Because these days, you can’t “just hit ‘delete blog’, and everything will be gone (or at least you thought. hahaha).”

    1. KC says:

      Hello Ellis! Yes, I understand. But again, as long as you don’t hurt other people and drop their names on nasty blog posts, I think you’ll be okay; because hitting ‘delete blog’ is not equivalent to saying sorry to the people you have hurt through it. 🙂

  2. mavcastillo says:

    Nice one KC!I was once a very active citizen of the emotional blogging community too 🙂 I’ve experienced a lot of times wherein you just feel the need to kill a person and you have no choice but to rant online. Sometimes emotions get the upper hand without you realizing it.
    I would just like to share that I once read about an article about deleting not just a blog but a person from your life via deleting him in all your internet accounts. And yes, the article’s conclusion was, deleting that person in your cyber world does not equate to successfully erasing him from your life 😛

    1. KC says:

      Hello there, sister of the emotional blogging community! 🙂 Yes Mavic, I also agree that deleting a person from your ‘virtual’ alter ego does not equate to getting rid of him in your life. It’s just that people are becoming all too dependent on these internet accounts that you don’t hear from a person if he is not your contact. But then again, when you see him, you will still recognize him and you will still have do deal with the fact that there is something between you that you want to forget. 😛

  3. starrylines says:

    newbies in the blogging world? *ehem* haha.

    Yes, I’m one of those newbies, KC, and yes again, i also hope the time would come that I would be enjoying blogging as much as you do. Since i think there’s no other way to escape blogging this time, might as well love it, right? 😀

    You know what, i admire people like you who can just let it all out to the whole blogosphere without caring who will be able to read it. For someone so shy like me (weh?! 😉 ), that actually causes anxiety. But i do relate with letting your emotions out through writing. I actually keep a journal, the old-fashioned, paper-pen type and it indeed helps a lot. But it just doesn’t let the whole world know what i’m up to, unlike your online journals/blogs. Well, i guess choosing where to let our emotions out maybe just depends on personality and uniqueness of each person. 🙂

    i hope someday i will also have the courage to let it all out to the online world.

    1. KC says:

      SHAAAA!!! 😀 Welcome to the blogging community! I assure you that you will have a good time and blogging will help you in managing your thoughts as well. I know that ‘anxiety’ is a word used by shy people as a reason not to blog, but don’t worry, you will get used to it in time (now that you don’t have a choice) 😉 I also keep journals (sometimes until now. Yes, my emotions vary from time to time I need to let them out somewhere) but I find blogging more convenient. Yes, I believe one’s preference vary according to personality. 😉

      Again as long as you don’t hurt people, you’ll be fine. Sometimes you just need to have the ‘this is me and this is my life’ attitude. Be confident, Sha 🙂

      PS. If you want to laugh, Here’s the link to my personal blog that you wish to read. haha! 🙂

  4. sarahforward says:

    Lucky for you KC you have a very productive and (powerful) outlet for letting your emotions out, some people just…well…you know the slash-wrist thing some emos do. That was never healthy.

    I never got to know you on a personal level, but your blogs speaks volumes about the kind of person that you are. I envy you cause you’ve been blogging for a long time and you’ve made it a point to let everyone know who you are–cheesy or not. But then again, you’re not out to please everybody. This just goes to show that blogging is a good avenue to show your personality, your interests, your motivations, and etc.

    Oh and I noticed you keep on repeating the “love life” scenario in your blogs, I hope you’re not rushing that cause we’re still young.
    Here’s from an Aaron Carter song I think you might relate to:
    “So have fun that’s my point of view, I always keep it like the way I want to. When I roll with the changes, I keep it real with a smile on my face yeah. To yourself make a promise, live everyday like you’re gonna get your first kiss. And if you do you’ll never lose the kid in you.” 🙂

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