Dear Blog, You are the only one that understands.

Sometimes I look back on how much I have grown up, how I managed to deal with a situation, and how much my grammar improved (yay!). Everytime I do so, a freakingly amazed smile spreads across my face.


I Lay it On the Line

I have always imagined that guy doing things I cannot even imagine just to prove how much he loves me. He will distribute posters and put up billboards only to look for me. And when we finally meet, rose petals will fall from the sky. Nah. While I wanted to experience that, I don’t want…

Blogging Neophyte–NOT!

You are reading the first post of Karen Christine’s nth blog. This is not officially a post though, this is meant to welcome you with words and not just blank space. Don’t worry, this blog will be up and running next week! Until then 😉 PS. Check out “The ‘sidekick’” tab above to know more…